Calistoga Spa Hot Springs

Calistoga Spa Hot Springs is the perfect place for an enjoyable stay in the Napa Valley. Located just a block off the main street, it’s right around the corner from Calistoga’s many excellent restaurants and shops, wine tasting, ballooning, cycling, jogging, tennis, golf and much more.

The alluring mineral pools of Calistoga have been a mainstay of Napa Valley visitors for generations. Ancient civilizations found the healing and therapeutic powers of the mineral pools a source of rejuvenation in mind, body and spirit. The composition of our mineral water is deemed by Nature’s filtering of rainwater through our alluvial Napa Valley soils resulting in a blend of trace mineral and essential elements. Geothermal forces elevate the temperature of the mineral water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit at the source.

The mineral pools at Calistoga Spa Hot Springs consist of four unique pools each designed to revitalize the senses. The Jacuzzi Pool provides the warmest experience at 104°F. The Soaking Pool is set to a comfortable 100°F. Our multi-lane Lap Pool is set to a refreshing 80°F. In addition to our three core pools we set aside a wading pool and water feature for our younger guests. The restorative benefits of our pools are best realized when used in a progression from warmest to coolest.

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